Why Narrative Matters

Every day we make snap decisions about who we meet or interact with based on what we see or hear. We use clothes, accents, skin color, hairstyles, neighborhoods, and many other labels to describe, define, separate, and judge each other. We are more than these labels.

But truly understanding someone…not just seeing them…changes how we treat each other…the policies we make, the rules we enforce, the opportunities we provide or deny.
You can enslave a person when you see them as an animal.
You can cage an immigrant when you see them as a criminal.
You can abuse women when you see them as a piece of meat.
You can shoot black bodies when you only see them as a threat.

And judgments aren’t made just by people in power. Every day good and bad interactions occur between people based on how we perceive each other…often with life of death consequences. We’ve seen what walking home with a pack of Skittles; worshipping in church or at temple; attending a night club; or shopping at a Walmart can lead to when our perceptions are colored by ignorance, fear, and hate.

Yet, every day countless people across this country and across the world are not seen for who they really are. They are reduced to stereotypes, soundbites, labels, political fodder and issues. We must look past issues to see the people impacted by those issues.

That is what makes having accurate narratives so important. And more important than that is writing and owning our own narratives. Who better to convey who we are, what we are, and why we are than ourselves? We’ve seen what happens when our stories are owned by others – our enemies, the media, even our allies.

The power of owning and using our narratives gives us the power to create the right types of improvements we need to see in the world. SeeMe4Me gives us a platform to create, own, and amplify our unique stories. And we can use these stories to change hearts, minds, decisions, votes, and actions to support us not harm us.

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